We are looking for Pre-School Chidren With Autism*

to participate in a Research Study

Do you know a child with autism* aged 3-6 years who:

         (other children playing, people talking, music playing, traffic sounds…)?
We are looking for 10 children to take part in a pilot study by researchers from the University of
Queensland, headed by Ms Suvi Pitkola, a doctoral candidate in the research program at the School
of Music.

The study aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Samonas program in improving the child’s
ability to engage and interact with significant others, while also improving the child’s listening skills.
The Samonas program involves listening to therapeutic, individually chosen music over high quality
headphones, while engaged in play with one parent. The study period is 3 months. This pilot study
will be followed by a larger randomized controlled trial in the near future.

Participants of the study are eligible for discounts and receive free assessments as well as written
summaries that can be presented to other professionals such as referral sources.

Please contact the Samonas Auditory Performance Center, tel. (+65) 3112 5000, or email
centerSingapore@samonas.com for more details.

for more information please download the following two PDF documents:
1. This introduction
2. Detailed Information

* Children with Rett’s Disorder or Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, and children with autism and
additional diagnoses such as CP and Down Syndrome or severe medical conditions are unfortunately
not able to participate in the study.